SAPEXE.SAR & SAPEXEDB.SAR while installing a SAP Solution Manager 7.2

I browse the SAP Market Place Software Download (SWDC) and downloaded all the medias to install the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for SAP ASE database including the Kernel in the list (51050554_10)

I also downloaded the SWPM from the Solution Manager 7.2 (SP19)

While trying to install the ABAP stack I had to specify the path location to the SAR files (SAPEXE.SAR, SAPEXEDB.SAP, IGSEXE.SAR etc…)

I pointed the SWPM to the location of the kernel that I downloaded but unfortunately I got the following error for SAPEXE.SAR and SAPEXEDB.SAR.

In the SAP Knowledge Base I found:
2406978 – “It cannot be successfully identified as “DBATOOLS.SAR 7.45″ because it does not meet the requirements shown below” error during SWPM tool with the same issue.


So to make a long story short, I searched in SWDC for Kernel 7.45 and downloaded the latest Kernel 7.45 (patch 400) files: SAPEXE_400-80000796.SAR and SAPEXEDB_400-80000796.SAR for SAP ASE database.


Then in the Installation (SWPM) I pointed to those SAR files and I was able to install the Solution Manager 7.2

Miki Barzilay